St Andrew’s CE (VA) Infant School

School Aims

The foundations will be laid for the future mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of each child within a Christian environment.

  1. We aim to encourage children to understand and appreciate that everyone has a right to learn and contribution to make to both our school and to society. Staff will have high expectations of children and will not accept second best.
  2. Good manners and behaviour, 'quiet' voices and respect for others will be major elements within the school. Reference will be made to the school 'rules' and the co-operation of parents/carers will be sought and encouraged through the Home-School Agreement.
  3. The whole school curriculum, from the start of Reception to the end of Year 2 will follow the requirements as laid down in the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.
  4. Every child will have an equal entitlement to the curriculum and a right to learn and live in a happy, trouble free environment. We aim to promoteself-esteem and self-respect and to foster tolerance and respect forothers.
  5. Each child will be treated as an individual. We aim to build on their preschoolexperiences so that over the three years they fulfil their ownpotential. Careful monitoring and assessment will take place from thechild's entry into school until the end of Key Stage 1.
  6. Parents/Carers will be encouraged to be involved in the education of theirchild in ways that are considered appropriate for each individual.
  7. We aim to keep the school in good repair and provide a safe, healthy andattractive environment for all who work within it.
  8. We will regularly monitor, assess and update resources in order of priority.
  9. Governors and Staff aim to maintain and build on good relationshipsbetween themselves and with all members of the community. Children andadults are encouraged to show tolerance, sympathy and understanding forthe needs of others, and for those having different ways of life, beliefsand religions.
  10. We aim that for all children this school will be a place, not only forlearning, but also for fun, joy and developing good relationships.
  11. We intend that each member of staff will have job satisfaction through arealistic job description and feel a valued member of the team. Withmutual support and co-operation, we will hopefully reduce personal stressand anxiety and fulfil the aims of the school.
  12. These aims are fundamental to the successful development of the school.