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‘St Andrew’s Junior School is OUTSTANDING in all areas.’ – Ofsted December 2022. ‘St Andrew’s Infant School is GOOD with OUTSTANDING features in Personal Development and Behaviours and Attitudes’ – Ofsted June 2023.

What Our Parents/Carers Say About Us

“Excellent opportunity to spend time with my child in the school environment. It was really lovely having the opportunity to meet his classmates and other parents/carers. The activities were great and engaging. Would 100% want to come back and do activities likes this again.” (Reception Gruffalo Tea Party, May 2023)

“A really good afternoon, lovely spending time with my child in school. It gets the kids’ imaginations going.” (Reception Gruffalo Tea Party, May 2023)

“A fantastica idea, well thought out and very well organised. The kids obviously loved it which is the most important thing.” (Reception Gruffalo Tea Party, May 2023)

“Keep up the good work and continue striving for the best for all children! You are all doing an amazing job!” (April 2023)

“There is a strong sense of family in the school. My son has always felt safe and welcomed at school. He knows to speak to his teacher if he has worries. My son has made excellent progress with reading at school. Reading is evidently a strength.” (April 2023)

“Keeping children happy and safe.” (April 2023)

“Good communication. Opportunities for parents to attend school – family learning, coffee mornings, events.” (April 2023)

“Very inclusive.” (April 2023)

“Caring and compassionate staff. The updates and the work they’ve done with my child on speech and language has helped him improve massively.” (April 2023)

“Good communication, nurturing environment, compassionate teachers, lovely school setting.” (April 2023)

“Kind, caring school that goes the extra mile for every child.” (April 2023)

“A wonderful school community. All children are valued.” (April 2023)

“Well qualified staff who communicate effectively with parents. Great choice of extracurricular clubs.” (April 2023)

“Its teaching staff are great and the Learning Mentor goes above and beyond.” (April 2023)

“They genuinely care about every child’s well-being and offer amazing emotional support to families as well as their children. They also make learning fun and ensure all children are excited to learn new things. The school is welcoming and all staff are friendly and helpful.” (April 2023)

“It’s great to see what our child is learning and seeing the progress throughout the year. It’s lovely seeing the children so engaged and responsive to the subjects.” Topic Showcase (2023)

“My child has loved the Bright Lights, Big City topic and it was so nice to hear about the variety of activities that children have been learning about.” Topic Showcase (2023)

“School are always there when you need them. They always keep the parents updated and ask you how you feel about the learning too.” (2023)

“They always keep me informed about all the steps they take or plan to take and inform me of more things I can do at home to help my child progress. They also provide the materials to implement things at home where possible, to keep structure and routines both in school and at home.” (2023)

“It’s just an all round wonderful, caring school that takes education and behaviour from strength to strength.” (2022)

“It is a school that values every pupil and provides some great opportunities.” (2022)

“Their understanding of the children and different family needs and pastoral care is out of this world!” (2022)

“They keep the students happy and safe and they enjoy learning. Any issues are dealt with promptly.” (2022)

“The school has a wonderful ethos and the children are really made to feel part of the school family.” (2022)

“We are grateful to the class teacher for the interventions that have been put into place.” (2022)

“Very thoughtful with activities that involve other children so SEND children don’t feel alienated from the rest of the children.” (2022)

“My child is getting all the support he needs.” (2022)

“My child is very happy at school and has developed a lot since September. The way phonics has changed and is now taught in smaller groups has helped a lot.” (2022)

“School are supportive both to my child and myself. They are approachable and very understanding.” (2022)

I’m pleased with the effort the school is making to help us cope with educating at home, and with the with the work they are providing for the children.” (2021)

“My child has access to work at home and at school I feel he is doing well when at home as well as at school and they are lots of websites we have been told about by school to further his learning at home.” (2021)

“It is evident that the child – and the child’s family – are at the heart of everything you do, because of this, the children feel safe and secure and this allows them to develop excellent learning.” (2019)

“St. Andrew’s is an amazing school with lovely students and fantastic teachers! Couldn’t be happier with my son’s progress.” (2019)

“Fantastic family learning sessions and events by the whole school. Keep it up, we have a child that loves school .” (2019)

“Very friendly, communication to parents is good, after school clubs are varied, children’s needs are met and strengths encouraged.” (2019)

“It’s a very welcoming school, one that seems to treat each child as part of a ‘family’. Children are recognised as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses.” (2019)

“Teachers provide a happy environment for children to learn.” (2019)

“Each child is loved and appreciated for their individuality.” (2019)

St Andrew’s is a wonderful school and my child has loved her time here. We are all quite sad it has come to an end.” (2018)

Everyone always has time and helps us out. We really do appreciate the open door policy. A very friendly school. Many thanks.” (2018)

Thank you for all your efforts over the past 13 months. We are glad to have made the decision to become part of such a caring, motivated and ‘family inclusive’ school.” (2018)

The school organises wonderful events, discos and fayres which are amazing. We can only imagine the amount of work that the staff put in. These events are by no means what we would call average. They are exceptionally well organised and are really enjoyable.” (2018)

St Andrew’s is a fantastic school and I would recommend it to anybody.” (2018)

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